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It can be difficult to understand all the different options available when insuring your business and we are happy to spend the time explaining different coverage options with you.

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Some important things to remember when organising your business insurance

Is your business the sole source of your income? Make sure you’re covered for Business Interruption so that you can still earn an income (even though you’re not working) Cool room panelling (Expandable Polystyrene) insurers don’t like too much of this in your shop as it melts fast if a fire occurs, we have this problem solved. Do you have a “maintenance agreement” for the upkeep of your machinery, if so, we may be able to get discounts on your premiums.

Areas We Can Cover


ATO Audits

Within recent times the ATO have been vigorously auditing & investigating small to medium sized businesses, don’t get stuck with a hefty audit bill issued by your accountant, have this covered for a small cost per year. Some of our policies automatically give you limited cover for audit expenses, we’ll tell you which ones.


This will cover the sudden & unforeseen breakdown of mechanical/electrical motors including but not limited to air conditioners, cool rooms, display cabinets & fridge/freezer motors *. Loss of stock due to deterioration can also be insured. Repairs must happen quickly & we make sure the insurers pay you asap.


Cash is slowly becoming a thing of the past due to most payments being made by card. We know that there will be some cash you will be either taking to the bank, home & have on site, let us specifically cover what you need.

Property cover

Covers physical loss of or damage to your property like Building/Contents/Stock.


Time to think like a crim. What can be easily stolen? What are your current security measures in place, CCTV, B2B alarm, inside a shopping centre? All this affect how much you pay.

Electronic Breakdown

Ensure electronic items are covered against sudden & accidental failure such as POS, CCTV systems, electronic scales & the like. Loss of income & expenses of hired in items may be claimable whilst you await repairs or replacement of your items*

Public/Products Liability

Every product you sell is your responsibility, you can be held liable for property damage or injury. This may be as simple as selling a contaminated batch of sausages or a client slipping over in your shop. Legal expenses defending your case can break a business.

Loss of Income

This is usually referred to as Business Interruption Insurance, basically income protection for your business if you are unable to trade due to an insurable event occurring at or near your premises.

Employee Dishonesty

It’s a big problem these days with many butcher shop owners experiencing blatant theft of cash & stock, make sure your adequately covered.


Do you provide a delivery service, if so, transit insurance is a must. Some of our policies automatically give you limited transit cover, we’ll tell you which ones.
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